Eternity Outreach

Eternity Church has a mandate from the Lord to share the gospel with every man, women and child in Orange County and beyond.

The strategy for doing this is through personal evangelism by the members of Eternity Church and through the outreach groups listed below that reach out on a regular basis.

We will give you training on:
1. How to share the gospel one on one or to a group of people
2. How to initiate, and be a part of and organise these outreaches

Please contact us if you would like to be involved in one of the listed outreaches or you would like to help initiate a new outreach group.

  1. Elementary Schools
  2. Jr High and High Schools
  3. Colleges and Universities
  4. House to house: houses, apartments, townhouses – street by street.
  5. Business community
  6. Surfing and Beach
  7. Theme Events – Christmas, Easter, National Public Holiday events
  8. Homelesspeople and Street Children
  9. Hospitals
  10. Orphanages and Children’s Homes
  11. Convalescent/Retirement/Special needs Homes
  12. Jails, Prisons and detention centres
  13. Malls and Shopping Centres
  14.  Public Parks
  15. Sex trade workers
  16. Politics
  17. Sports
  18. Entertainment community
  19. Media-Radio, TV, Magazines, Newspaper, Internet
  20. Gangs or Abusive environmentsand relationships
  21. Drugs, Alcoholic or other addiction groups or disorders
  22. Mixed martial arts
  23. My family
  24. My Workplace